When Darkness Falls (Obsidian 3)
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The Ghost Brigades
Scalzi, John
John Varley of the "Old Society"
Bury, Adrian. (106/500 limited edition, 1946. Hardback with tatty DW)
Some South Indian Insects
Fletcher, T Bainbrigge
New Zealand's Last Gold Rush
Heinz, William
African Folk Tales
Lane, Yoti (illustrated by Blair Hughes-Stanton. 1946 with DW)
The Construction of Mill Dams
Leffel, James
Butterflies of Australia
Common & Waterhouse (revised edition,1981 with dust jacket)
London: Hotels and More
Taschen Travel
The Changelings. A Classical Japanese Court Tale.
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Once Were Warriors
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Kamera on Location
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Democratic Vistas. Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal
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Special Interst Tourism
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From Bombay Through Babylonia
Paterson, Rev James Graham (Brown illustrated cloth, sixth thousand edition, no publication date but c1901, dedication from author, good tight condition)
The Grand Theft Art Companion
Palmer, Amanda & the Grand Theft Orchestra
Pillinger, Colin
I For One.....
Sargeson, Frank
A Series of Allegations or Taking Allegations Seriously  (Hardback A4 with dustwrapper in very good condition)
Cleavin, Barry & Grant, A K (Hazard Press 1988 - etchings and lithographs by Cleavin and Text by Grant))
Maori Agriculture - NZ Dominion Museum Bulletin No. 9 - The Cultivated Food Plants of the Natives of NZ, with some Account of Native Methods of Agriculture, its Ritual and Origin Myths.
Best, Elsdon (Published Under the direction of the Board of Maori Ethnological Research, for the Dominion Museum 1925)