The Purchas Handbook - Hakluyt (2 Volumes)
Pennington, L. (Editor)
Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North East Africa 1880-1883 (Hakluyt)
James, W, Baumann, G and Johnson, D (Editors)
The English Patient (1st Ed.)
Ondaatje, Michael
A Summer in Saint Tropez
Hamilton, David
In Powder & Crinoline
Carter, Anne
The Fanged Crown The Wilds
Helland, Jenna
La Danse
Hamilton, David
The Ship Who Sang
McCaffrey, Anne
The Desert Rats
Verney, Major-General G L
Collected Poems
Mason, R A K
English Lake Scenery
Lydon, A F
Salute to New Zealand (Boxed)
Coney, Sandra (Editor)