The Last Resorts
Magurk, John
Power of the Great Liners
Griffiths, Denis
McCall, G.
Collected Poems
Dugan, Alan
The Empire Ships
Mitchell, W & Sawyer, L
Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Han, Yang (Editor)
Vietnam - Spirits of the Earth
Fitzgerald, Frances & Cross, Mary
Models of Propriety
Flint, William Russell
The Model Cars of Gerald Wingrove
Wingrove, Gerald (introduction By Lord Montagu and Gordon Buehrig)
Scott's Novels, Two Volumes (1843)
Scott, Sir Walter
My Music, My Life
Shankar, Ravi
New Zealand's Naval Story
Taylor, T.D
Times and Tides (no. 446, limited edition)
Warburg, Eric (signed)
Speaking to my Country
Masaryk, Jan
Great Battlefields of the World
MacDonald, John
The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea
Unknown. Translated and Edited By G Huntingford
A Long Patrol
Sanders, James