Memoire d'un Voyage en Oceanie
Deschamps, Francois
The Croquet Player
Wells, H.G.
Golden Days in Many Lands
Leys, Winifred H.
Snapshots from the North Pacific
Janvrin, Alice
More Homes of the Pioneers
Hendry, J.A.
Chronicon Adae De Usk
Thompson, Sir Edward Maunde
Korero Maori - Easy Lessons in Maori Conversation
Maning, F ( A Pakeha Maori )
The Works of Sir Roger Williams
Evans, John X
The Book of Dede Korkut
Sumer, Faruk et al
Kolyma, The Arctic Death Camps
Conquest, Robert
Gipsy Tents and How to Use Them
Lowndes, G.R.
Sagas From the Far East
"The author of Patranas"
From Poverty to Plenty
Rees, W.L.
Lonely Werewolf Girl
Millar, Martin
The Paintings of Charles Bird King
Cosentino, Andrew
The Superhuman Life of Gesar of Ling
David-Neel, Alexandra & the Lama Yongden
Amorous Fiammetta
Boccaccio, Giovanni
175 Fruit Desserts
Kay, Ann (Edited by)