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The Eternal Darkness - A Personal History of Deep-Sea Exploration
Ballard, Robert D. with Hively, Will
Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of the "Titanic" and led teams which discovered hydrothermal vents and "black smokers" - cracks in the ocean floor producing super-heated water. In this book he shows how, throughout the 20th-century, ocean explorers have pushed back the frontiers of technology. Beginning in 1930 with William Beebe and Otis Barton, pioneers of the ocean depths who made the world's first deep-sea dives in a cramped steel sphere, Ballard introduces readers to Auguste and Jacques Piccard, whose "Bathyscaphe" descended in 1960 to the lowest point on the ocean floor. He reviews the celebrated advances made by Jacques Cousteau and describes his own major discoveries and technological breakthroughs, including the development of remote-operated underwater vehicles and the revolutionary search techniques that led to the discovery and exploration of the "Titanic", the Nazi battleship "Bismarck" and other ancient vessels...
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