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Sushi and Tapas - Bite-size Personal Stories from Women Around the World
Bardouille, Pepukaye & Huay, Neo Gim
Welcome to the wonderful world of Sushi and Tapas. Sample a feast of writing from around the world. From China to America, Europe to Africa, 25 women write, delighting and touching you with their real-life experiences. What is it like to be a top student in India entering into an arranged marriage in Canada? How does it feel to be a young black woman in a boardroom filled with white men in post-aparteid South Africa? How does A woman deal with attending a London red carpet opening of a film while recovering from the shock of sexual assault? And let's talk about being fat, being free-spirited, being in a long-distance relationship, being a mother. Being a modern woman. Edited by Neo Gim Huay, a Singaporean, and Pepukaye Bardouille, a Dominican, Sushi and Tapas presents a wide range of extraordinary experiences that will leave you laughing and crying for more.
Second hand Paperback