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A Short History of Photography
Benge, Harvey & Badger, Gerry
While looking through his contact sheets in 2007 Auckland photographer Harvey Benge noticed that one of his pictures reminded him of a Friedlander, another of an Atget, yet others of a Tillmans, a Baldessari and Adams ! Picking them out he decided to make what leading UK photography critic Gerry Badger describes in his opening essay as an 'anthology' of contemporary photography featuring some of its biggest names. The result is a sharply curated and perfectly formed collection of intriguing, beguiling and seductive images, sure to delight the photography aficionado and newcomer alike. 'Of course they are all genuine original Benges. And it is important that they are all good pictures, not mere pastiches of the "originals" of which they gently but insistently remind one.' 84 pages. First published May 2008.
Second hand Hardback