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The Philadelphia Experiment - Project Invisibility
The Philadelphia Experiment - Project Invisibility
Berlitz, Charles and Moore, William
This book, sub-titled "Project Invisibility," examines the possibility that in 1943 the US Navy made a new destroyer, USS Eldreidge, invisible through the power of force fields. Even more amazing is the suggestion that the ship, in its invisable condition, was transported from Philadelphia to Norfolk,Virginia. At the time of first publication in the US (also 1979) the book attracted considerable attention, although no proof was found by the two authors in their extensive investigations and research. There are suggestions that crew members disappeared, became deranged, would not or could not talk about their experience. Investigations were met by a wall of secrecy and in a note the authors leave it to the reader to decide wherether to "believe it or not." More that 60 years after the "experiment" this is still an engrossing read.
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