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Black Elk Speaks - Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux
Black Elk and Neihardt, John G

His meeting with the Sioux holy man Black Elk, John G. Neihardt once said, was the most memorable experience of his life. In 1930, while working on the concluding poem of his Cycle of the West, Neihardt had gone to the Pine Ridge Reservation hoping to find some old medicine man who had been active in the Messiah Movement and who might be induced to talk with me about the deeper spiritual significance of the matter.
In Neihardt, Black Elk recognized the one who had been sent to learn what was given to me for men. The next summer, in a long series of talks, Black Elk imparted his own life story and the story of the Oglala Sioux during the tragic decades of the Custer battle, the ghost dance, and the Wounded Knee massacre. Black Elk Speaks, originally published in 1932, is venerated by many who have become alarmed at the declining spiritual and material quality of life in the age of computers and Star Wars. While the electronic media purvey fragmented images of tragic schisms, Black Elk offers an eloquent and profound vision of the unity of all creation....

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