The Rush that Never Ended - A History of Australian Mining
The Rush that Never Ended - A History of Australian Mining
Blainey, Geoffrey
Forget about Ned Kelly and the bushrangers: for my money if you want a really romantic and exciting saga of Australia, take a look at our mining history. It's a turbulent, dramatic story with enough material for a bookshelf full of best-sellers .a saga of tough men, iron-nerved gamblers, violence, death and glittering riches set against the backdrop of some of the most awful country on earth. And never has the story been better told than by Geoffrey Blainey.andmdash;Trevor Sykes Australia is one of the world's great sources of mineral treasure. Out of the ground, on land and at sea, has come wealth to create a host of lucrative industries. Our landscape is littered with mines bearing evocative names like Rum Jungle, Noble's Nob, Broad Arrow and Siberia, and stories abound of fortunes won and lost. The Rush That Never Ended tells the story of these mineral discoveries, describes the giants of Australia's mining history and records the tremendous influence that mining has had on Australia's attitudes to unionism, religion, law and politics...
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