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Big Eye Art - Resurrected and Transformed
Big Eye Art - Resurrected and Transformed
Blythe, Blonde
Big-Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed provides a compelling introduction to the genre, including a dazzling array of more than 150 astonishing works by twenty-two big-eye fantasy artists, both renowned and emerging, among them Blonde Blythe, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Misha, Mark Gleason, and Vicki Berndt. The book shows how dolls, and Japanese anime and manga, along with popular culture and Gothic and fantasy elements, have altered the face of this haunting, sometimes disturbing and challenging art form. A wide range of big-eyed works is featured, and essays by the artists reveal how they came to develop and create their particular visions. As big-eye and fantasy art collide and fuse in a remarkable resurgence, this spectacular and captivating book demonstrates why masterpieces by the leading practitioners of the moment are once again stealing the hearts of the masses.
Second hand Paperback

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