The Nun of Lebanon - The Love Affair of Lady Hester Stanhope and Michael Bruce - Their Newly Discovered Letters
Bruce, Ian (editor)
Lady Hester Stanhope was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable women in Englishg history; a granddaughter of Chatham, the niece of Pitt, something of a goddess to the Arabs amongst whom she lived for the last quarter of a century and more of her life. A prominent but somewhat mysterious figure in accounts of her life is Michael Bruce, whom she took as a lover shortly after leaving England, and who accompanied her to the East for the first part of her sojourn there. The author, Bruce's great grandson, discovered two trunks of papers in 1944, including 80 letters between Lady Hester, Michael Bruce and Michael's father, Patrick Craufurd Bruce, and cover a shipwreck, a treasure hunt, and a love affair...
Second hand Hardback