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Trench Warfare - Aspects of War
Trench Warfare - Aspects of War
Bull, Stephen
Trench Warfare inaugurates a new, fully illustrated series devoted to different types of key military strategies throughout history. Each volume specifically focuses on a war in which that tactic played a central role: here, the concentration is on World War I. After placing trench warfare in its military context, this compelling volume delves into how combatants lived and coped in these ditches. In fascinating detail, it reveals what the conditions were like, including the barbed wire, diseases, and infestations; what weaponry and equipment were used; and how effective new forms of artillery were-including machine guns, chemical weapons, tanks, and aircraft. Explanations cover everything from trench tactics to their impact on the war as a whole, and also capture the experience of "going over the top" into battle....
Second hand Hardback