Cultural Safety: Contemporary Art from New Zealand
Burke, Gregory and Weiermair, Peter
Cultural Safety was one of New Zealand's most significant visual arts cultural exchange initiatives. The 1995 exhibition was the culmination of three years dialogue and collaboration between City Gallery Wellington and the Frankfurter Kunstverein. The exhibition posed a range of questions and problems currently of concern to artists in many different parts of the world - questions of cultural identity that are not only of importance for New Zealand, but are also critical issues for a Europe involved in a new phase of ethnic migration. In his essay curator Gregory Burke looks at how all seven exhibiting artists target the wider issues of culture and explore different forms of cultural expression. The catalogue also features statements from all the exhibiting artists and colour plates of all their work, plus detailed biographies and exhibition histories of every artist. Published by City Gallery Wellington and Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany Contributors - Peter Weiermiar, Gregory Burke, Christina Barton and artists Julian Dashper, Luise Fong, Jacqueline Fraser, Fiona Pardington, Michael Parekowhai, Peter Robinson and Ruth Watson
Second hand Paperback