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The Last of the Few - An Me.262 Pilot Remembers
Busch, Hans and Frickensmith, Lance C. (editor)

Shelf Books, 2009

This is the autobiography of Hans Busch, one of the elite of the Luftwaffe and one of the first men to pilot a jet propelled aircraft Hans begins with his service in the Flying Hitler Youth, his Officer Cadet days training on many aircraft up until his transfer to KG51 for ME.262 training in the last desperate months of the war trying to defend the Fatherland against the Terror Bombers of the Allies who were mercilessly attacking anything that moved in what was then left of the Reich. Hans recalls the many fascinating events in his life, such as his meetings with Hitler, Hans Baur (Hitler's personal pilot), and Luftwaffe Ace General Galland, amongst others. He describes his later life in his adopted homeland of the U.S., where he is in demand to speak to youth groups and young pilots about his life....

Second hand Trade Paperback