Antonio Carluccio's Italia
Antonio Carluccio's Italia
Carluccio, Antonio
London-based Italian chef, restaurateur and food expert Antonio Carluccio, founder of Carluccio's caffes, has deep roots in almost region of Italy. He translates the spirit of his homeland's regional food culture in this latest book, Carluccio's Italia the recipes and customs of the regions, a follow up to Carluccio's Complete A-Z of Italian Food. By weaving together his own impressions of the regions with geography, culinary traditions and 100+ recipes, Carluccio's" "Italia guides readers on a gastronomic tour embracing every one of the 20 regions of the country. Carluccio's introduction of each region is complemented by Alastair Hendy's photographs, which illustrate the stories of Italy's landscapes, people, fresh ingredients and regional recipes. Carluccio introduces each region with an overview of geography's impact on cuisine. He then focuses on the specific culinary traditions & specialties that originated from each region, such as crostini in Tuscany and Parmesan cheese in Emilia-Romagna. After piquing the taste buds, Carluccio presents a handful of signature recipes from each region, such as Bagna Cauda (Hot garlic and anchovy dip) from Piedmont and Umbria's Strascinate di Cascia (Pasta with pancetta and sausage) and Pinocchiate (Pine nut toffee). Recipes from Sicily include Caponatina di Melanzane (Sicilian eggplant relish) and Insalata di Limoni e Arance (Orange and lemon salad). A simple recipe for Calabrian baked honey figs is included, as is another popular Calabrian dish, Pesce Spada a Ghiotta (Braised Swordfish). From Campania, where tomatoes were first appreciated, there are recipes for Polpi Affogati (Stewed Octopus) and Pizza Margherita. Carluccio identifieshallmark regional products such as cheeses, wines, and beef, such as buffalo mozzarella and calzone from Campania and Basilicata's pork salami pezzenta, all the while sharing his own anecdotes.
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