The Nature of Life - Readings in Biology
The Nature of Life - Readings in Biology
Carr, Nancy and Coulson, Joseph et al (Eds)
How did life begin? How is it changing? How do we understand our place in the world in relation to other living beings? 'The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology' encourages inquiry-based discussion of scientific writings that attempt to answer universal questions about the nature of life. The anthology includes 19 selections written by major scientists and questions designed to spark lively shared inquiry discussion. This anthology is ideal for students and adult readers interested in developing a deeper understanding of the life sciences. Selections from: Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Claude Bernard, Rachel Carson, Paul Colinvaux, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Loren Eiseley, Stephen Jay Gould, Konrad Lorenz, Lucretius, Lynn Margulis, Gregor Mendel, James D. Watson, and Edward O. Wilson.
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