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Animals - Birds

Birds and People
Cocker, Mark and Tipling, David with Elphick, Jonathan and Fanshawe, John
Jackson, Christine E.
The North American Bird Guide
Sibley, David
Crow - Animal Series
Sax, Boria
Penguin - Frans Lanting
Lanting, Frans (Taschen)
Owls - Their Natural and Unnatural History
Sparks, John and Soper, Tony and Gillmor, Robert (illustrator)
The Life of Birds
Attenborough, David and BBC
The Biggest Twitch: Around the World in 4,000 Birds
Davies, Alan & Miller, Ruth
Birds of Our Gardens
Blyton, Enid
Birds of the Mediterranean and Alps
Jonsson, Lars and Robertson, Iain (editor) and Beaman, Mark (editor)
Egg and Nest
Purcell, Rosamond and Hall, Linnea S. and Corado, Rene


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