Animals - Dogs

How to Walk a Dog
White, Mike and Murdoch, Sharon (illustrations)
Good Dog! New Zealand Writers on Dogs
Johnson, Stephanie
Kiwi Working Dogs
Caird, Jo and George, Paula
Copper: A Dog's Life
Goldsmith, Lady Annabel
The French Dog
McKenna, Rachael
Man's Best Friend
Wegman, William
Dog Training in a Weekend - The Easy Way to Train Your Dog
Davis, Caroline and Davis, Keith
A Dog's Life
Greenhalgh, Ailsa
Choosing and Looking After Your Dog - Handy Pet Care Guides
O'Meara, Sean and Hayward, Michael
Where Dogs Dream
Whitfield, Kit
The Chinese Shar-Pei
Debo, Ellen Weathers
The German Shepherd Dog - Discover a Whole New World of Dogs
Morgan, Diane and Hunthausen, Wayne
A Letter to My Dog - New Zealand Edition
Layton, Robin (photography)


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