A House in the City - Home Truths in Urban Architecture
Dalziel, Robert and Cortale, Sheila Qureshi and Battle, Tim (editor)
Cunningham, Bill
The Story of Architecture
Glancey, Jonathan
Eco House Book
Conran, Terence
The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture - Travel Edition
Muir, Hamish and Drake, Lisa and Phaidon
Dream Hotels: Architectural Hideaways
McCullough, Janelle
Designing Your Dream Home
Lang, Susan
The Great Builders
Powell, Kenneth (editor)
Architectural Theory - From the Renaissance to the Present - 89 Essays of 117 Treatises
Nebois, Thierry (editor) and Evers, Bernd and Thoenes, Christof and Taschen
H.O.U.S.E. - Habitable Objects Unique Spatial Extraordinary
Machowiak, Aleksandra & Mizielinski, Daniel
Samurai Castles
Mitchelhill, Jennifer
Tree Houses


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