100 Houses for 100 Architects
Postiglione, Gennaro (editor) and Taschen
The Rammed Earth House - Rediscovering the Most Ancient Building Material
Easton, David and Wright, Cynthia (photography)
Introduction to Architecture
Gardiner, Stephen
Living Shelter - Handmade Houses in Australia
Re, Peter and Miller, Tony and McKay, Pam
A Pocketful of Houses
Beaver, Robyn (editor)
The Story of Western Architecture
Risebero, Bill
Gaudi Pop-Ups
McCarthy, Courtney Watson
Pleasures of the Porch: Ideas for Gracious Outdoor Living
Bowman, Daria Price & LaMarca, Maureen
Small Pools
Planells, Pere & Tagavi, Fanny
Sir Norman Foster
Jodidio, Philip


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