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We are buying books again, we are being selective.

Please call if you have more than 3 boxes.

Art History

15th Century Paintings
Hagen, Rose-Marie & Rainer (Taschen Icon)
A History of Western Art
Levey, Michael
The Story of Painting - The Essential Guide to the History of Western Art
Beckett, Wendy and Wright, Patricia and DK
Pocket Guides - Frames
Penny, Nicholas and The National Gallery
Esso Presents Rubens and the Italian Renaissance
Rowan, Dana (editor) and Australian National Gallery
Pop Art
James, Jamie
Art & the 60s - This Was Tomorrow
Stephens, Chris and Stout, Katharine
The Art of the Impressionists
Reyburn, Scott
The World of Art
Forty, Sandra
The Art of the Impressionists
Anderson, Janice
The Nude
Clark, Kenneth
Movements in Art Since 1945
Lucie-Smith, Edward
Rubin, James H
Arts and Crafts of South America
Davies, Lucy and Fini, Mo
Art at the Turn of the Millennium
Riemschneider, Burkhard & Grosenick, Uta


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