Art History

Art - From Prehistoric Art to Modernism - Flipguide
Norling, Simone and Mayer-Iswandy, Claudia
Art Now!
Taschen Icon
The Oxford Companion To Twentieth Century Art
Osborne, Harold (Editor)
Stuart Davis - American Painter
Sims, Lowery Stokes
Whole Cloth
Constantine, Mildred & Reuter, Laurel
Baroque - Style and Civilization
Martin, John Rupert
The Art Book
Treasures of Cyprus - Ancient Art, Medieval Art
Korovina, A.K. and Polevoy, V.M. and Sidorova, N.A.
Voices of German Expressionism
Miesel, Victor H.
Polish Paintings in the Collections Abroad
Krzysztofowicz-Kozakowska, Stefania
History of Indian and Indonesian Art
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
The Impressionists
Gaunt, William


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