Aviation Transport

Epic of Flight - Fighting Jets
Time Life - Walker, Bryce
Valkyrie - North American's Mach 3 Superbomber
Jenkins, Dennis R. and Landis, Tony R.
History of the German Air Force
Philpott, Bryan
F-117 Nighthawk
Crickmore, Paul F. and Crickmore, Alison J.
German Naval Air Service
Imrie, Alex
The RAF in Camera, 1939-1945
Nesbit, Roy Conyers
The RAF in Camera: 1903-1939
Nesbit, Roy Conyers
Deighton, Len and Schwartzman, Arnold
Behind the Hangar Doors
Congdon, Philip
Brian Trubshaw: Test Pilot
Trubshaw, Brian & Edmondson, Sally
Flight: 100 Years of Aviation
Grant, R. G.
KittyHawk to Concorde - Jane's 100 Significant Aircraft
King, H. F. & Taylor, J. W. R.


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