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Comics and Fantasy Art

Basic Anatomy for the Manga Artist
Hart, Christopher
Draw & Paint Fantasy Females
Fleming, Tom
New York - The Big City
Eisner, Will
Transitions - The Art of Todd Lockwood
Haber, Karen and Lockwood, Todd
Good Faeries Bad Faeries
Froud, Brian
Marvel Chronicle - A Year by Year History
Marvel and Manning, Matthew K. and Sanderson, Peter and Brevoort, Tom and DeFalco, Tom
Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible
Lee, Stan and David, Peter and Doran, Colleen
Marvel Masterworks, Volume 23: Dr. Strange
Lee, Stan & Ditko, Steve
RBCC #147
Rocket's Blast Comicollector
Tintin in America
Corbyn - The Resurrection
Bell, Steve
The Aesthetics of Comics
Carrier, David


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