Comics and Fantasy Art

Vallejo, Boris
Venosa: Noospheres
Venosa, Robert
RBCC #147
Rocket's Blast Comicollector
The Art of Discworld
Kidby, Paul & Pratchett, Terry
Marvel: Year by Year - A Visual Chronicle
Saunders, Catherine and Scott, Heather and March, Julia and Dougall, Alastair (Eds)
The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels
Fingeroth, Danny
Lucky Luke 64 - The Wedding Crashers
Fauche, X. & Leturgie, J.
Lucky Luke 68 - Bridge Over The Mississippi
Fauche, X. & Leturgie, J.
Giant, Mike
Corbyn - The Resurrection
Bell, Steve
The Aesthetics of Comics
Carrier, David
The Senses
Farinella, Matteo
Ethel & Ernest - A True Story
Briggs, Raymond


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