The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook
Froncillo, Andrea & Jeffrey, Jennifer
Memories of Gascony
Koffmann, Pierre
How To Work With Chocolate?
MJ Publishing
The Complete Cookery Year
Rhodes, Gary
A Sardinian Cookbook
Pilu, Giovanni & Muir, Roberta
Quay - Food Inspired by Nature
Gilmore, Peter
The Greengrocer
Kitchen, Leanne
Think Like a Chef
Colicchio, Tom
Traditional Maltese Cooking
Sammut, Julian
The Wicked Healthy Cookbook
Sarno, Chad and Derek & Joachim, David
Italian Cooking
Scappin, Gianni & Vanoli, Alberto & Kolpan, Steven
Lorenca de' Medici's Tuscany the Beautiful Cookbook - Authentic Recipes from the Provinces of Tuscany
De' Medici, Lorenza and Johnson, Peter and Freeman, Michael (photographers)
Everyday Italian - 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes
De Laurentiis, Giada and Pearson, Victoria (photography)
Allyson Gofton Flavours
Gofton, Allyson and Tagg, Sally (photography) and Next Magazine
Pasta - Classic and Contemporary Dishes for all Pasta Lovers
France, Christine and Last, Don (photography) and Parragon Books


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