Think Like a Chef
Colicchio, Tom
Traditional Maltese Cooking
Sammut, Julian
Culinaria - Italy - Pasta, Pesto, Passion
Piras, Claudia (Konemann)
The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook
Froncillo, Andrea & Jeffrey, Jennifer
The Complete Cookery Year
Rhodes, Gary
Italian Cooking
Scappin, Gianni & Vanoli, Alberto & Kolpan, Steven
Lorenca de' Medici's Tuscany the Beautiful Cookbook - Authentic Recipes from the Provinces of Tuscany
De' Medici, Lorenza and Johnson, Peter and Freeman, Michael (photographers)
Allyson Gofton Flavours
Gofton, Allyson and Tagg, Sally (photography) and Next Magazine
The Palomar Cookbook - Modern Israeli Cuisine
Paskin, Layo and Amedi, Tomer and Cathcart, Helen (photography)
Homemade Fermentation
Pilon, Mortier


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