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Craft - General

'Keep Me Warm One Night' - Early Handweaving in Eastern Canada
Burnham, Harold B. & Burnham, Dorothy K.
The Fundamentals of Gemstone Carving
Kennedy, Gordon S. and others
Rag Dolls - And How to Make Them
Hall, Dorothea (Ed)
African Textiles: Looms, Weaving, and Design
Picton, John and Mack, John
Indian Bead: Stringing and Weaving
Scholz-Peters, Ruth
Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding
Turner, Alta R.
The Knot Handbook
Lewis, George
The Complete Illustrated Book of Dyes from Natural Sources
Krochmal, Arnold & Krochmal, Connie
Pumpkin Carving - 20 Contemporary Glowing Lanterns and Decorative Designs
Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah and Patterson, Debbie (photography)
Sandals - Make Your Own
Keats, Gavin & Robson, Daphne
Stars - 20 Practical Inspirations
Rippin, Joanne


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