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Dance / Ballet

Stories of the Ballets
Davidson, Gladys
Dance Crazy - Quickstep
Bottomer, Paul
Dance Crazy - Waltz
Bottomer, Paul
Belly Dancing for Fitness
Dallal, Tamalyn
Nureyev - His Life
Solway, Diane
The Dance Experience: Insights into History, Culture and Creativity
Nadel, Myron Howard & Strauss, Marc Raymond
Creative Dance for Learning - The Kinesthetic Link
Brehm, Mary Ann & McNett, Lynne
The Magic of Dance
Fonteyn, Margot
A Season at Glyndebourne
Nowinski, Ira
Taken by Surprise: A Dance Improvisation Reader
Albright, Ann Cooper & Gere, David
Hope in a Ballet Shoe
DePrince, Michaela and DePrince, Elaine
A History of Scottish Country Dancing in New Zealand - Sociable, Carefree, Delightful
Laidlaw, Margaret D and Hutchison, Margaret M with Crawford, Marjorie M
Ballroom Dancing
Moore, Alex
Behind the Scenes at Boston Ballet
Tennin, Christine and Gilbert, Wally (photography)
Strictly Dancing - Don't Miss a Beat
Gilltrap, Angela
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