Vivienne Westwood
Westwood, Vivienne and Kelly, Ian
Advanced Style - Older and Wiser
Cohen, Ari Seth
Conrad, Lauren
How to be Parisian - Wherever You Are
Mas, Sophie and Diwan, Audrey and De Maigret, Caroline and Berest, Anne
Colour Me Younger - How to Look Younger and Feel Great!
Henderson, Veronique and Henshaw, Pat
Advanced Style
Cohen, Ari Seth
Essential Fashion Illustration Poses
Lafuente, Maite (editor)
Mondofragile 2: Fashion Illustrators from Japan
Delicatessen (Selected by)
The World of Wearable Art
Potton, Craig et al
Essential Fashion Illustration - Colour and Medium
Oriol, Anja Llorella (editor) and Rockport Publishers
Fibres and Fabrics of Today
Thomson, Helen
Techno Textiles - Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design
Braddock, Sarah E and O'Mahony, Marie


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