From Wednesday 8 September we will operating under Level 2 restrictions.  We will be returning to usual opening hours.

Please note that we will require you

* to wear a mask at all times whilst instore

* sign in and sanitise your hands at entry

* maintain a 2m distance between you and other browsing customers

We are here to help you if you need assistance and are happy to organise a delivery for those who are still staying safe at home.

We will not be buying books until we return to Level 1.

Web orders will be processed and delivered via courier and NZ Post.  Store pick ups can be ordered online or organised by phone and email.  We will send you an email when your pick up is ready to be collected. 

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Our next book club meeting is on Monday 11 October at 6pm.  Our theme for this month is the book that you would recommend to almost anyone.  Check out Facebook or email us to find out more.

Film & Theatre - Film

My First Movie
Lowenstein, Stephen (ed.)
From Hobbits to Hollywood - Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings
Mathijs, Ernest and Pomerance, Murray (Eds)
Watching The Lord of the Rings - Tokien's World Audiences
Barker, Martin and Mathijs, Ernest (Eds)
The James Bond Girls
Rye, Graham
Walking to Hollywood
Self, Will
Film History: An Introduction (First Edition)
Thompson, Kristin & Bordwell, David
A History of Narrative Film
Cook, David A.
Western Cult - Images and Soundtracks from the Great Western Movies
Santini, Fabio and Concina, Michele (editor)
Sports in the Movies
Bergan, Ronald
Into Film
Goldstein, Laurence & Kaufman, Jay
Watchmen: Portraits
Enos, Clay
In Character: Actors Acting
Schatz, Howard
Directed by Dorothy Arzner
Mayne, Judith


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