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The Art of Open Season
Sunshine, Linda
Watchmen - The Film Companion
Aperlo, Peter
The Art of District 9: WETA Workshop
Falconer, Daniel
100 Best Films of the Century
Norman, Barry
1000 Makers of the Cinema
Morgan, Robin and Perry, George and The Sunday Times
Talk About Cinema
Thoret, Jean-Baptiste
The Art and Making of Hercules
Sunshine, Linda
Davis, Daphne
Best Movies of the 90s
Muller, Jurgen and Taschen
Muller, Jurgen and Taschen
Seeing Is Believing
Biskind, Peter
Masters of Cinema - Tim Burton
Ferenczi, Aurelien
Singin' in the Rain - BFI Film Classics
Wollen, Peter and Amdrew, Geoff


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