Hist, Geog - Asia - India, Japan

Introduction to Indonesia
Dalton, Bill and Muller, Kal (photography)
India - A Million Mutinies Now
Naipaul, V. S.
Searching for Peace in Asia Pacific - An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities
Heijmans, Annelies and Simmonds, Nicola and Van de Veen, Hans (editors)
North Korea - Another Country
Cumings, Bruce
The Algebra of Infinite Justice
Roy, Arundhati
One Man's View of the World
Lee Kuan Yew
Aceh: History, Politics and Culture
Graf, Arndt & Schroter, Susanne & Wieringa, Edwin
A Portrait of Thailand
DeVoss, David
Calcutta - The City Revealed
Moorhouse, Geoffrey


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