Hist, Geog - Australian

Historic Kiandra - A Guide to the History of the District
Moye, D.G. (editor) and the Cooma-Monaro Historical Society
Historic Sydney and New South Wales
Clarke, Albert N.
The Brisbane River - A Pictorial History
Longhurst, Robert and Douglas, William
The Waterways of Sydney Harbour
Mathews, Phillip and Morrison, Reg
GriffithReview61 - Who We Are
Shultz, Julianne and Mares, Peter
Paddy Hannan - A Claim to Fame
Thomson, Tess
Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence
Pilkington, Doris and Garimara, Nugi
The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks
Brunton, Paul (Edited by)
Talking to My Country
Grant, Stan
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Pilkington, Doris / Garimara, Nugi
Discovering Scott Reef - 20 Years of Exploration and Research
Gilmour, James and Smith, Luke and Cook, Kylie and Pincock, Stephen
A Fortunate Life
Facey, A.B.


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