Hist, Geog - Australian

My Droving Days - Life on the Long Paddock
Moore, Peter and Moore, Shirley
Great Australian Droving Stories
Marsh, Bill 'Swampy'
Wise Women Of The Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales of the Ancestral Powers
Parker, K. Langloh & Lambert, Jessica (compilers and editors)
Ancestral Power
Hume, Lynne
Rose Paterson's Illalong Letters 1873-1888
Paterson, Rose and Roderick, Colin
The Explorers
Flannery, Tim
Ned Kelly - A Short Life
Jones, Ian
Sydney Harbour - A History
Hoskins, Ian
No Beating About the Bush
Oldfield, Val
From Strength to Strength
Henderson, Sara
The Strength in Us All
Henderson, Sara
Before Kings Cross
MacDonnell, Freda
Off the Road Again
Bachman, Bill


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