Our next book club will be meeting on Monday 12 July and we will be discussing books with a seafaring theme.

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Hist, Geog - China

The Tiananmen Papers - The Chinese Leadership's Decision to Use Force Against Their Own People, in Their Own Words
Zhang Liang (compiler) and Nathan, Andrew J and Link, Perry (editors)
Becoming China: The Story Behind the State
Gescher, Jeanne-Marie
One Road, Many Dreams - China's Bold Plan to Rermake the Global Economy
Drache, Daniel and Kingsmith, A.T. and Duan Qi
Discover China - Cultural Icons
Guo Xiangying and Lan Xilin
50 Amazing Places in China
Huai, Dong
China - World Heritage Sites
Nanyan, Cao
Legacies - A Chinese Mosaic
Lord, Bette Bao


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