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Hist, Geog - Europe

Crankshaw, Edward
Giurescu, Dinu & Dinu, Rudolf & Constantiniu, Laurentiu
Views - Norway Seen From the Road 1733 - 2020
Hoyum, Nina Frang and Larsen, Janike Kampevold
Machiavelli and the Renaissance
Chabod, Federico
Lavoirs - Washhouses of Rural France
Roddier, Mireille
The Florentine Renaissance
Cronin, Vincent
Graham-Dixon, Andrew
Tuscany - Spirit of Place
Ash, Russell and Higton, Bernard (compilers)
Mayer, Hans Eberhard
The Counter Reformation - Library of European Civilization
Dickens, A.G. and Barraclough, Geoffrey (editor)
A Concise History of France
Price, Roger


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