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5-8 November

Hist, Geog - Europe

Nord-Pas-de-Calais - Balades vues du ciel
Hebert, Mathieu & Mulliez, Frank
The Age of Napoleon
Herold, J. Christopher
Bourbon, Fabio (Tiger Books)
Globalization and Europe - The Open University
Pittaway, Mark (editor)
Exploring European Identities - The Open University
Chimisso, Cristina (editor)
Journey Through the Black Forest
Schulte-Kellinghaus, Martin & Spiegelhalter, Erich& Meisen, Annette
Louis and Antoinette
Cronin, Vincent
Paris Tango
Coulson, Carla
The French Revolution - Voices From a Momentous Epoch 1789-1795
Cobb, Richard and Jones, Colin (editors)
Louis XI - The Universal Spider
Kendall, Paul Murray
An Outline History of Denmark
Jacobsen, Helge Seidelin
Neubert, Karel & Srch, Antonin & Poche, Emanuel
Salzburg: City and Landscape
Fischer, Michael W. (essays by)
Salzburg - Gestalt und Antlitz
Schmiedbauer, Alois & Fuchs, Karl
Belihar, Carlo


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