Hist, Geog - Europe

The Borgias
Johnson, Marion
Journey to Portugal - In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture
Saramago, Jose and Hopkinson, Amanda and Caistor, Nick (translators)
The Flowering of the Renaissance
Cronin, Vincent
History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic
Prescott, William H. and Gardiner, C. Harvey (editor)
Castles of Europe
Moynahan, Molly
French Farmhouses and Cottages
Walshe, Paul & Miller, John
Crescimbene, Simonetta and Balocco, Patrizia
A History of Venice
Norwich, John Julius
To Live in France
Bentley, James and Busselle, Michael (photography)
Rome and the Vatican
Bruschini, Enrico
Civil War
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus
Boulangeries de Paris et Autres Boutiques d'Alimentation
Breugnot, Pascale and Chegaray, Denis and Grenier, Claude (photography)


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