Hist, Geog - Europe

Medieval Europe 400-1500 - A History of Europe
Koenigsberger, H.G. and Briggs, Asa
Blanche of Castile
Pernoud, Regine
Korniss, Peter and Lazar, Istvan
Life in Italy During the Renaissance
Pierotti-Cei, Lia and Tallon, Peter J. (translator)
Paris was Yesterday - 1925-1939
Flanner, Janet
Tarragona - Human Heritage
Marques, Carles
Classic Walks in Western Europe
Souter, Gillian and Souter, John
The Age of Chivalry
National Geographic Society
Kosovo: A Short History
Malcolm, Noel
Kosovo - A Short History
Malcolm, Noel
The Age of the Renaissance
Hay, Denys (editor)


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