Hist, Geog - UK / Ireland / Scotland

Ireland Through the Ages
Jenner, Michael
Hart-Davis, Duff
An Exmoor Panorama
Hendrie, Peter
Reading the Irish Landscape
MItchell, Frank and Ryan, Michael
King Charles II
Fraser, Antonia
Dickens' London - An Imaginative Vision
Ackroyd, Peter (introduction)
Lake District
Jones, David W. and Bowness, E.A. (Ted) (photography) and Jones, Dorothy and Hawksley, Lucinda (text)
The Victorian Village
Drury, Elizabeth
The Age of Scandal
White, T.H.
Dark Tales of Old Newcastle
Armstrong, Pamela
London - A Concise History
Trease, Geoffrey
The Life and Times of Elizabeth I - Portraits of Greatness
Rossaro, Massimo and Richards, C.J. (translator) and Orlandi, Enzo (editor)
The Stuart Constitution - Documents and Commentary
Kenyon, J.P. and Cambridge University Press


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