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Historical Novels HB/TPB (HN)

Moran, Katy
Cornwell, Bernard
Martin, Andrew
Walters, Minette
Gabaldon, Diana
Jones, Dan
Saint, Jennifer
North, Claire
Clayton, Meg Waite
Martin, Madeline
Harris, Robert
Our Violent Ends
Gong, Chloe
The Age of Light
Scharer, Whitney
Sharpe's Triumph
Cornwell, Bernard
Sharpe's Havoc
Cornwell, Bernard
Khaki Town
Nunn, Judy
The Book of Colours
Cadwallader, Robyn
The Liberation
Furnivall, Kate
The Evening and the Morning
Follett, Ken
The Queen of Subtleties
Dunn, Suzannah
The Clay Dreaming
Hillyer, Ed


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