History - Anthropology

The Ascent of Man
Bronowski, Jacob
Race and Human Evolution - A Fatal Attraction
Wolpoff, Milford and Caspari, Rachel
Masks of the Spirit: Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica
Markman, Roberta H. & Peter T.
Lucy - The Beginnings of Humankind
Johanson, Donald C. and Edey, Maitland A.
The Ascent of Man
Bronowski, Jacob
The Magic Island
Seabrook, William
A History of Ethnology
Voget, Fred W.
The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea
Weiner, Annette B
Image of the Body
Gill, Michael
The Wolf Children: Fact or Fantasy?
Maclean, Charles
Y: The Descent of Men
Maclean, Charles
Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community
Some, Malidoma Patrice
Return of the Goddess
Whitmont, Edward C.
Johanson, Donald and Shreeve, James
The Gypsies
Clebert, Jean-Paul


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