Human Rights

Bridge Across My Sorrows - The Christina Noble Story
Noble, Christina with Coram, Robert
On Liberty
Chakrabarti, Shami
I, Safiya
Tudu, Safiya Hussaini Tungar and Masto, Raffaele
Human Cargo - A Journey Among Refugees
Moorehead, Caroline
Desert Flower - The Extraordinary Life of a Desert Nomad
Dirie, Waris and Miller, Cathleen
The No-Nonsense Guide to Human Rights
Ball, Olivia and Gready, Paul
Exile - A Memoir
Nasrin, Taslima
Infidel - My Life
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan
Fatwa: Living with a Death Threat
Trevane, Jacky
Bridge Across My Sorrows
Noble, Christina
For the Love of a Child
Mahmoody, Betty
Mama Tina - The Inspiring Sequel to Bridge Across My Sorrows
Noble, Christina with Browne, Gretta Curran


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