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Language - Linguistics

You Say Potato - The Story of English Accents
Crystal, Ben and Crystal, David
Artful Sentences - Syntax as Style
Tufte, Virginia
Making the Alphabet Dance
Eckler, Ross
The F Word
Sheidlower, Jesse
Linguist at Work - Festschrift for Janet Holmes
Marra, Meredith and Warren, Paul
An Introduction to Language (8th Edition)
Fromkin, Victoria and Rodman, Robert et al
The Linguisitics Wars
Harris, Randy Allen
For the Love of Language - An Introduction to Linguistics
Burridge, Kate & Stebbins, Tonya N.
Introducing Sociolinguistics
Meyerhoff, Miriam
An Introduction to Language, 6th Edition
Fromkin, Victoria et al
Figures of Speech
Peake, Mervyn
Troublesome Words
Bryson, Bill


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