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Lit - Poetry

Boyes, John (ed)
McKuen, Rod
Giles, Harry
Auden, W H
Lewis, D.B. Wyndham and Lee, Charles (editors)
Paterson, Banjo
Weaving Songs
Murray, Donald S
America the Beautiful
Bates, Katharine Lee
Reines, Ariana
The Faber Book of Nonsense Verse
Grigson, Geoffrey (ed)
Give the Ball to the Poet - A New Anthology of Caribbean Poetry
Horrell, Georgie and Spencer, Aisha and Styles, Morag
Collected Poems
Graves, Robert
Nine Horses
Collins, Billy
Red Juice - Poems 1998-2008
Nguyen, Hoa
The New Estate and Other Poems
Carson, Ciaran
Invisible Mending
Ladd, MIke


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