Lit - Poetry

The Hunting of the Snark - An Agony in Eight Fits
Carroll, Lewis and Peake, Mervyn (illustrator)
The Oxford Book of Children's Verse
Opie, Iona and Opie, Peter
Verses and Meditations
Steiner, Rudolf and Adams, George and Adams, Mary (translators)
The River in the Sky
James, Clive
Dirty Pretty Things
Faudet, Michael
Complete Poems
Moore, Marianne
Street Ballads
Barker, George
The Annals of Chile
Muldoon, Paul
Stevie Smith - Selected Poems
Smith, Stevie
The Earthly Paradise of William Morris
Morris, William and Gibson, Clare (editor)
Selected Poems
Browning, Robert
Love and Misadventure
Leav, Lang
Selected Poems and Prose
Thomas, Edward
Selected Poems 1957-1967
Hughes, Ted
The Poems of Marianne Moore
Schulman, Grace
The Last Shift: Poems
Levine, Philip
The Kingis Quair - Clarendon Medieval and Tudor Series
James I, of Scotland and Norton-Smith, John (noted)
Women Poets of the English Civil War
Ross, Sarah C.E. and Scott-Baumann, Elizabeth (editors)


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