Lit - Poetry

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
Neruda, Pablo and Merwin, W.S. (translator) and Dicks, Jan Thompson (illustrator)
Neruda - On the Blue Shore of Silence - Poems of the Sea
Neruda, Pablo and Reid, Alastair (translator) and Heebner, Mary (paintings)
The Rattle Bag
Heaney, Seamus and Hughes, Ted (editors)
Selected Odes of Pablo Neruda
Neruda, Pablo
When We Were Fifty
Matthew, Christopher
Sounds Good - 101 Poems to be Heard
Reid, Christopher (Ed)
The Funny Side - 101 Humorous Poems
Cope, Wendy (Ed)
Collected Poems
Larkin, Philip
Palm Leaves
Milnes, Richard Monckton
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor and Peake, Mervyn (Illustrator)
Tales From Ovid
Hughes, Ted
The Captain's Verses
Neruda, Pablo
Opened Ground - Poems 1966-1996
Heaney, Seamus
XYZ of Happiness
McCallum, Mary
A Child's Garden of Verses
Stevenson, Robert Louis
The Land
Sackville-West, Vita
Martin Fierro
Hernandez, Jose
W.H. Auden - Selected Poems
Auden, W.H. and Mendelson, Edward (editor)
Poems On the Underground - A New Edition
Chernaik, Judith & Benson, Gerard & Herbert, Cicely
John Clare's Birds
Clare, John and Robinson, Eric and Fitter, Richard (editors) and Gillmor, Robert (illustrator)


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