Lit - Poetry

Collected Poems 1944-1991
Moore, Gerald
The Defence of Guenevere
Morris, William
Collected Poems 1988
Gascoyne, David
Escape to Childhood
Garner, Katherine Minta
Calling All Shipping
Garner, Katherine Minta
The Animals in that Country
Atwood, Margaret
Collected Poems
Dugan, Alan
The Works of Robert Burns with His Life. (8 Volumes)
Burns, Robert & Cunningham, Allan
Jonas Konyve
Mihaly, Babits
The Fleet and Convoy and Other Verses
McCrae,George Gordon (Lothian, 1915. Original card covers with wrapper. Good condition)
Sunlight and Shade - Being Poems and Pictures of Life and Nature.
Anthology - inc William Blake, Jane Dixon, and George Weatherly


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