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Literary Biographies (Lit Bio)

Rebecca West - A Life
Glendinning, Victoria
McGahern, John
Coleridge - Early Visions
Holmes, Richard
A Sort of Life
Greene, Graham
For Sylvia - An Honest Account
Ackland, Valentine
Lorca: The Gay Imagination
Binding, Paul
Henry and June
Nin, Anais
A Daughter of Isis - The Autobiography of Nawal El Saadawi
El Saadawi, Nawal and Hetata, Sherif (translator)
Anne Sexton: A Biography
Middlebrook, Diane Wood
At Home Abroad: Mark Twain in Australasia
Shillingsburg, Miriam Jones
After the Stroke - A Journal
Sarton, Mary
Bruce Chatwin
Shakespeare, Nicholas
Yet Being Someone Other
Van Der Post, Laurens
A Widow's Story: A Memoir
Oates, Joyce Carol
Chaucer - Brief Lives
Ackroyd, Peter
My Father's Places
Thomas, Aeronwy


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