Literary Biographies (Lit Bio)

Paris was Yesterday 1925-1939
Flanner, Janet and Drutman, Irving (editor)
Claire Tomalin - A Life of My Own
Tomalin, Claire
America Day by Day
De Beauvoir, Simone
Instead of a Letter
Athill, Diana
Toil & Trouble: A Memoir
Burroughs, Augusten
Charles Dickens - A Life
Tomalin, Claire
Joseph Heller
Ruderman, Judith
April Fool's Day
Courtenay, Bryce
Two Lives
Seth, Vikram
Vera - Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov
Schiff, Stacy
Jackdaw Cake - An Autobiography
Lewis, Norman
Papa Hemingway
Hotchner, A E
Pablo Neruda - Memoirs
Neruda, Pablo
Primo Levi - Tragedy of an Optimist
Anissimov, Myriam
Out of Place: a Memoir
Said, Edward W.
True North
Conway, Jill Ker
The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham
Hastings, Selina
Patrick White: A Life
Marr, David


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