Literature - Classics / Latin, Greek...

Beowulf (Bilingual Edition)
Heaney, Seamus
Hrafnkel's Saga and other Stories
Palsson, Hermann (translator)
The Histories
Herodotus and Holland, tom (translator)
The Book of Margery Kempe
Windeatt, Barry A. (translator)
The Decameron
Boccaccio, Giovanni
The Satyricon
Petronius and Arrowsmith, William (translator)
St Augustine - Select Letters
Baxter, J H (Translator)
The Classical Roman Reader
Atchity, Kenneth J.
A Guide to Old English - Revised with Texts and Glossary
Mitchell, Bruce and Robinson, Fred C.
Two Lives of Charlemagne
Einhard and Notker the Stammerer
Murder Trials
The Secret History
The Gallic War
Caesar, Julius
The Letters of the Younger Pliny
Pliny the Younger
The Book of Misers
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Rendered into English Verse
Fitzgerald, Edward and Byatt, A.S. (Introduction) and Dulac, Edmund (illustrator)
The Age of Alexander - Nine Greek Lives
Plutarch and Scott-Kilvert, Ian (translator)


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