We'll see you at Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival
next weekend with a stall filled with great titles.

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Literature - Essays & Literary Letters

Eggers, Dave and Gilfillan, Merrill and Nobel, Justin and Nisio, Rossella and Boushee, Mike and Kane, John and Violi, Paul and Fick, Emma and Fagin, Larry
Lee, Bri
Santaland Diaries
Sedaris, David
Six Facets of Light
Wroe, Ann
Walter Benjamin's Grave
Taussig, Michael
Other People's Trades
Levi, Primo
Complete Prose
Allen, Woody
Life on Volcanoes - Contemporary Essays
Thompson, T and Mok, T M and Meredith, C S and Larsen, R and Gordon, T


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