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Modern Literature HB/TPB (ML)

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Wolfe, Tom
Trope, Nicole
Fear Itself
Rosenheim, Andrew
American War - A Novel
El Akkad, Omar
The Truth and Other Lies
Arango, Sascha
Behold the Dreamers
Mbue, Imbolo
The Man Who Forgot His Wife
O'Farrell, John
Who We Were
Neave, Lucy
Notorious - A Novel
Lowing, Roberta
The Traitors
Long, William Stuart
The Moscow Sleepers
Rimington, Stella
The Wall
Lanchester, John
The Gunners
Kauffman, Rebecca
Iago: A Novel
Snodin, David
The Slap
Tsiolkas, Christos
The Island of the Day Before
Eco, Umberto
One Summer
Baldacci, David
The Helpline
Collette, Katherine
Kurbjuweit, Dirk
Various Pets Alive and Dead
Lewycka, Marina


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