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Modern Literature HB/TPB (ML)

Grossman, Vasily
The Electric Hotel
Smith, Dominic
A Long Petal of the Sea
Allende, Isabel
Teo, Sharlene
Bolano, Roberto
The Mother Fault
Mildenhall, Kate
A Decent Ride - Signed Copy
Welsh, Irvine
Just Like You
Hornby, Nick
The Silence
Delillo, Don
A Short History of Women
Walbert, Kate
Bluebird, Bluebird
Locke, Attica
Red Hook Road
Waldman, Ayelet
The Submission
Waldman, Ayelet
Faith Without Doubt
Blundy, Anna
Fish-Hair Woman
Bobis, Merlinda
The Story of Forgetting
Block, Stefan Mervill
Airman Mortensen
Blake, Michael
The Knot
Borodale, Jane
The Marriage of the Sea
Alison, Jane
We Want Everything
Balestrini, Nanni
Allegra in Three Parts
Daniel, Suzanne
The Yiddish Policemen's Union
Chabon, Michael


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