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Music General / Ref / Crit

The Outline of Music
Sargent, Malcolm and Cooper, Martin (editors)
Anthology of Medieval Music
Hoppin, Richard H. (editor)
Folk Song in England
Lloyd, A.L.
Don't Try This at Home: A Year in the Life of Dave Navarro
Navarro, Dave and Strauss, Neil
Guitars: Sounds, Chrome & Stars
Kempster, Graham
Best Music Writing 2011
Ross, Alex and Carr, Daphne (editors)
Rockers, Jazzbos & Visionaries
Milkowski, Bill
Waking Up In Cuba
Foehr, Stephen
The Great Symphonies
Unger-Hamilton, Clive & van der Spek, Peter
This Business of Songwriting
Blume, Jason
Wicked Speed
Nightingale, Annie


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