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A Song of Longing - An Ethiopian Journey
Shelemay, Kay Kaufman
1000 Record Covers
Ochs, Michael and Taschen
Musica: 1000 Years Of Classical Music
Ashkenazy, Vladimir (Foreword) & Fabian, Dorottya (Introduction)
Naked Vinyl - Classic Nude Album Cover
O'Brien, Tim & Savage, Mike
A History of Western Music - 8th Edition
Burkholder, J. Peter et al
Learn to Play Guitar
Leonard, Michael
The Bodley Head History of Western Music
Headington, Christopher
Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides: Violin and Viola
Menuhin, Yehudi and Primrose, William
Classical Music: A New Way of Listening
Frame, Janet and Elliot, David
What to Listen for in Music
Copland, Aaron
Known Violin Makers
Fairfield, John H.


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