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New Science Fiction

1824 The Arkansas War
Flint, Eric
Newton's Sleep (Faction Paradox)
O'Mahony, Daniel
Grantville Gazette II
Flint, Eric (Editor)
The Last Hero
Pratchett, Terry
The Scourge of God
Stirling, S M
Black Wolf (Sembia 4)
Gross, David
Dead Romance (Faction Paradox)
Miles, Laurence
Warring States (Faction Paradox)
Halliday, Mags L
In Fury Born
Weber, David
Voice of the Gods
Canavan, Trudi
The Great Romance: A Rediscovered Utopian Adventure
Anon (aka The Inhabitant )
We Few (Empire of Man 4)
Weber, David & Ringo, John
Last of the Wilds
Canavan, Trudi
Zoe's Tale
Scalzi, John
Dunn, Stu
1634: The Galileo Affair
Flint, Eric & Andrew Dennis
Hewlett, Paul
This Rough Magic (Heirs of Alexandria 2)
Lackey, Mercedes & Flint, Eric & Freer, Dave
Monster Hunter - International
Correia, Larry
A Hat Full of Sky
Pratchett, Terry
This Scepter'd Isle (Doubled Edge 1)
Lackey, Mercedes & Gellis, Roberta


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