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We are buying books again, we are being selective.

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NZ Art, Photography & Architecture

House of Treasures: 150 Objects from Canterbury Museum Nga Taonga Tuku Iho
Wright, Anthony & Murray, Sarah (Introduction)
Jude Rae
Paton, Justin & Rae, Jude
R N Field The Dunedin Years 1925-1945
Petersen, A. K. C.
Greer Twiss: Theatre Workshop
Smith, Allan & Curnow, Ben
New Zealand House & Cottage
Donovan, Don
Lockdown Sketch Mind
Colston, Fifi
New Zealand Architecture
Hill, Martin
Peter McIntyre's Wellington
McIntyre, Peter
Another 100 New Zealand Artists
Brown, Warwick
Raymond McIntyre -  A New Zealand Painter
Auckland City Gallery
40 Legends of New Zealand Design
Jenkins, Douglas Lloyd
Colin McCahon - A Question of Faith
Bloem, Marja & Browne, Martin
Sean Chen - New Zealand Landmarks
Brown, Warwick


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