NZ Art, Photography & Architecture

Ian Scott
Brown, Warwick
John Drawbridge - Wide Open Interior
O'Brien, Gregory with Strongman, Lara and Barnett, Gerald and Macdonald, Robert
Peter McIntyre's New Zealand
McIntyre, Peter
Crafted By Design - Inside New Zealand Craft Artists Studios
Cook, Jeanette & Robinson, Stephen
Yvonne Rust - Maverick Spirit
Sjoquist, Theresa
A Short History of Photography
Benge, Harvey & Badger, Gerry
Images from a Limestone Landscape
Dennis, Andy and Potton, Craig
Pictures They Want to Make - Recent Auckland Photography
Corson-Scott, Chris and Hanfling, Edward
New Zealand Art: Architecture: 1820-1970
Stacpoole, John AND Beaven, Peter
Pete Bossley Architects
Stratford, Stephen
150 Treasures - Auckland War Memorial Museum
Stead, Oliver & Pfeiffer, Krzysztof
The Third Enjoy Five Year Retrospective Catalogue
Louise Rutledge (ed.), Courtney Johnston, Gabrielle Amodeo, Bopha Chhay, Alice Tappenden, Talia Smith
Camera in New Zealand
Anderson, A. Robert & Casbolt, F. Lennard ( Editors)
The Dogs of Auckland
Creeley, Robert & Gimblett, Max
Sage Tea - An Autobiography
Woollaston, Toss


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