NZ Art, Photography & Architecture

Canterbury Paintings
Trolle, Brent and Wall, G.C.A. (text)
Sean Kerr: Pop
Kerr, Sean & Conland, Natasha
In Praise of Older Buildings
McGill, David & Tilly, Grant
Southern Journey - Southern New Zealand
Crook, Sonya (Photographer)
Blackley, Roger
Before I Forget
Fahey, Jacqueline
Pacific Parallels - Artists and the Landscape in New Zealand
Eldredge, Charles C. with Barr, Jim and Mary
100 New Zealand Craft Artists
Schamroth, Helen
On Display: New Essays in Cultural Studies
Smith, Anna & Wevers, Lydia
150 Treasures - Auckland War Memorial Museum
Stead, Oliver & Pfeiffer, Krzysztof
The Third Enjoy Five Year Retrospective Catalogue
Louise Rutledge (ed.), Courtney Johnston, Gabrielle Amodeo, Bopha Chhay, Alice Tappenden, Talia Smith
Camera in New Zealand
Anderson, A. Robert & Casbolt, F. Lennard ( Editors)
The Dogs of Auckland
Creeley, Robert & Gimblett, Max


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